About Erzhena Acupuncture

Acupuncturist in Midtown, New York, NY

erzhena acupuncture new york

Erzhena Acupuncture is a premier acupuncture practice in the Midtown area of Manhattan in New York City, led by licensed acupuncturist Erzhena Lygdenova DAc, LAc. The practice takes a holistic and integrative approach to improving energy flow and healing in people 12 and older in a calming, compassionate, and peaceful environment.

Erzhena Acupuncture provides all-natural solutions for pain, chronic diseases, and illnesses. The skilled specialists offer acupuncture, including neuro acupuncture for the scalp. With kindness, warmth, and compassion, the team also administers cupping, gua sha, emotional balance, and moxibustion to optimize natural healing.

Erzhena Acupuncture offers women’s health services, men’s health care, sports medicine, fertility treatments, and holistic solutions for sexual dysfunction. The experts also treat ongoing stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, migraines, addictions, and digestion issues.

The experienced providers use their knowledge and expertise to promote highly effective treatments that improve patient health without the need for harsh medicines or invasive procedures.

The Erzhena Acupuncture team enjoys improving patients’ physical health, mental health, and overall quality of life. They welcome new and existing patients to the practice.

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