Electroacupuncture is a form of acupuncture that involves a small electric current passed between two acupuncture needles. This practice augments regular acupuncture and is particularly effective for treating pain.

Electro Acupuncture Q & A

What Is Electroacupuncture?

Electroacupuncture is a modern variation of traditional acupuncture. It involves using needles placed in the same spots as in traditional acupuncture, but with a small electrode attached to the needles. During treatment, a small amount of electricity runs through the electrode, providing a slight vibration or soft hum. This method mimics the effect of the acupuncturist activating the acupuncture point manually, ensuring consistent stimulation throughout the treatment. Treatments are also shorter because the electrodes can activate acupuncture points more quickly. One key benefit of electroacupuncture is its ability to cover larger areas of the body, making it more accurate than traditional acupuncture.

Background of Acupuncture

Qi (pronounced “chee”) is a fundamental concept in Chinese medicine, believed to be a universal form of energy. Acupuncture is based on the idea that moving and activating qi helps the body heal. Electroacupuncture is designed to connect the physical and spiritual aspects of the self, offering potential benefits for both. Physically, it aims to improve well-being, while spiritually, it helps individuals understand their qi and the energy around them.

How Does Electroacupuncture Work?

Electroacupuncture involves using two needles in each meridian point (acupuncture point) and connecting them to a machine that passes a small electric current through the needles. This technique helps block pain by activating bioactive chemicals in the body, which may decrease pain sensitivity and reduce inflammation. When electroacupuncture is performed, it activates sympathetic nerve fibers, leading to the release of endogenous opioids such as endorphins, which help reduce inflammation and persistent pain. This makes electroacupuncture an effective treatment for chronic pain and stress.

Additionally, studies have shown that electroacupuncture may help release mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) into the bloodstream. MSCs are adult stem cells primarily found in bone marrow that aid in tissue creation and possess healing properties.